black angus beef cattle


LarnOO's black Angus beef cattle thrive on the lush the pristine  environment in the foothills of the  Great Dividing Range.

The land holding runs a head  breeding cattle herd plus follower cattle grazing operation on regularly fertilised and over sown pastures. A rich mix of rye, phalaris, clover and nutrient dense natural grass of the district.  The soils found on the property include the fertile Goulburn River flat soil and that of the lower hill country, reliable high  700 mm rainfall adds to the prosperity of grazing.

Significant high reliability water rights, an abundance of catchment dams, irrigation infrastructure and a reliable water reticulation system throughout the property ensures the pasture remains plentiful year round.  LarnOO's breeding and fattening operation  is on a scale rarely found so close to the city of Melbourne.

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