POLARIS 4WD all-terrain vehicles:

·        See the Link below to the Polaris SAFETY video

·        Please watch the safety video with the kids to see to operate and ride in the Polaris vehicles safely at LarnOO.

·        The Polaris are a lot of fun and the best way to get around at LarnOO……walking and trail running is fun too!

·        They are DIESEL FUEL and designed to get you around………everywhere in the paddocks and the gravel tracks.

·        You will find the lower speeds are fun to see the farm. (Wombats, Kangaroos, Deer, Echidna, birds etc……….and maybe even a snake or two!!)

·        There are some areas on the farm that are too steep to drive on………..use your common sense and drive safely, enjoy.





1 : Drivers must be 16 years old or have a drivers licence to use the Polaris

·        Passengers in the seats only, riding in the rear tub is not recommended as kids can fall out!!

·        Please drive on the tracks and on reasonably flat land in the paddocks.

·        Use the seat belts and side cabin mesh nets, the vehicles have inbuilt roll cages as the Polaris can be tip over if not driven safely.



·        Press the brake pedal

·        Turn the key part the way to see the ORANGE coil light on the dash display for about 10 seconds

·        Press the Brake turn the key to start the Polaris

·        There is no clutch……………it is automatic

·        There is no handbrake required

·        You can start the Polaris in any gear by putting your foot on the brake pedal first



·        The gear stick has Park, Reverse, neutral, LOW range and HIGH range gears

·        Select HIGH for normal driving on tracks and flatter paddocks

·        Select LOW for driving UP the steep sections

·        The tracks at LarnOO are sometimes loose and gravelly in spots and care is the best way to stay safe.

·        If you are not confident then find another way around, please don’t risk a steep section or a steep side grade.


4 : SELECT YOUR DESIRED TRACTION………..2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive:

·        On the DASH BOARD there are two switches………..one is the head lights for night driving

·        One switch on the right hand side is used to toggle between ONE wheel drive, 2x4 , to 4x4 wheel drive (AWD)…………see dash display to ensure you are in the correct traction.


5 : Paddock Driving and Undulating Tracks:

·        You will drive in 2*4 most of the time on the dry paddocks and the undulating tracks



·        Use 4*4 or AWD when you are planning to drive in the steeper tracks

·        Use LOW Range on the gear stick if really steep up

·        Use HIGH Range on the gear stick if steep DOWN………..(Polaris can skid going down if in the LOW RANGE……………please use CAUTION)



·        Fast Sharp turns…………tipping risk

·        Avoid going too fast, slow down and enjoy the viewing and don’t scare the wildlife away

·        Don’t do donuts or spins or attempt skid braking

·        Corner at slow speeds and avoid the rollover

·        Look out for wombat holes and big timber fallen in the grass

·        CAUTION: Drive down hills VERY slowly and ease on the brakes so as not to LOCK up and skid

·        Don’t try jumps!


8 : ENJOY:

·        These vehicles can go most places at LarnOO

·        If you think it is too steep or too sloped on the side then it probably is too STEEP, Please find another way around or turn back.

·        Drive straight up and down hills and not on a steep side slope

·        CAUTION: WET grass is slippery especially on the side slopes.


9 : FUEL:

·        The Polaris’s are all DIESEL FUEL

·        We have more fuel on farm and they will be FULL when you arrive

·        Ask a staff member, Jarrod, Ben, or Anthony to fill it up if needed.

·        You are not likely to need refueling………….they don’t use much



At LarnOO we say,

………………If you don’t know,  …………then don’t GO!!