Farm Safety

farms are dangerous, so please -
stop, think and act safely at all times.
  you are responsible for your own safety

  • Guests at LarnOO are not permitted to operate any plant or equipment
  • No passengers in/on Tractors  - EVER
  • Stay well clear of moving machinery - they can’t always see you
  • Always wear appropriate safety gear
  • Wear long pants - protect yourself from the possibility of snake bites in the warmer months
  • Wear strong footwear
  • Shooting is NOT allowed, ever, No hunting, No exceptions!
  • Don’t drive or ride it if you are not trained to do so - or don’t have a licence
  • QUAD bikes are for farm employees only
  • If you open a gate, please close it
  • If you borrow it, please put it back
  • If you drop it, please pick it up
  • If you light a FIRE please put it out when you are done,  and always have a shovel and water nearby
  • Pets and livestock don't mix well , please keep any pet well restrained and away from the livestock
  • Snakes are dangerous, STOP, Back OFF, tell someone, ...........don’t try kill it!!
  • A breeding cow with her young will be VERY protective and she may be aggressive to anyone who comes too close!
  • Bulls are grumpy, please stay well clear!!
  • If you see something damaged or unsafe , please tell someone
  • Where the LarnOO are you?......  7,600 acres Please tell someone where you are going
  • First Aid Kits are  installed in the Shearing shed, Managers Office, and each House
  • Heart Defibrillator is located in the Manager Office
  • Emergency and Hospital Contact details are in the Managers Office and in the Kitchen of each house
  • If you need help, Call for Help - or Call “OOO”